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Collection Proposal Form

The University of Vermont (UVM) Libraries' Center for Digital Initiatives (CDI) actively encourages collection proposals from a wide variety of users, contributors, and potential partners. This is the first step in our collection development process.

Collection proposals are evaluated by the CDI Collection Development Committee; selected proposals are then prioritized for project development. For any questions regarding this form or the proposal process, please contact the CDI team at or (802) 656-3292.

Have an idea, but not ready to fill out a proposal? That's ok - just email

Prefer not to use the online form? An editable PDF of the proposal may be emailed, mailed, or faxed to us.

Contact Information

Please list the primary contact person here. Other collaborators may be included under Question 4.
  Faculty     Staff     Graduate Student  
  Undergraduate     K-12 Teacher     Other  
Job Title:
I have read and understood the CDI Mission Statement and Collection Development Policy.

Collection Proposal

1. Proposed Collection Title:    
2. Collection Overview
Please include a draft Collection Overview, a short collection-level description. See a sample here.
It should include details such as:
  • Subjects, topics or themes covered
  • Notable items
  • Creators
  • Date ranges of materials
  • Origin and/or current location
  • Format, size, and volume
  • 3. Selection
    Please describe who will select the items for inclusion in the CDI and how or on what basis selection decisions will be made.
    4. Value
    Please articulate the collection's research or administrative value, as defined in the CDI Collection Development Policy.
    5. Collaborations
    Please describe the nature of any planned collaborations and list necessary contacts. Please detail any current commitments and include any remaining questions about the collaborative arrangement.
    6. Added Value and Project Design
    Please outline details of the envisioned project design.
    This may include:
    • Added value functions
    • Desired level of intellectual control/metadata
    • Other specifications
    7. Use
    Please identify the collection's current or potential user groups and likely uses. Be sure to emphasize the value of or need for digital access in particular.
    8. Rights and Permissions
    Are there any known rights restrictions? Have permissions been obtained? For more information, review the CDI's rights resources.
    9. Preservation
    Please note any preservation risks. Please summarize the preservation benefits of inclusion in the CDI. Risks and benefits are defined in the CDI Collection Development Policy.
    10. Technical Feasibility
    Please share any anticipated project development challenges or concerns.
    11. Resources and Support
    Please list any available staff time, equipment, or funding sources. Is there any existing metadata or description? Please supply any contextual information, subject expertise, or other resources which can be utilized for project development.
    12. Projected Timelines
    Is this a time-sensitive proposal? If so, when is the deadline?