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Dairy Products: Correspondence, 1955

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Dairy Products: Correspondence, 1955


Aiken, George D. (George David), 1892-1984.


Towne, Elmer

Vermont Milk Control Board

Bridges, Styles, 1898-1961

Gore, Albert, 1907-1998

Bailey, Consuelo Northrop, 1899-1976

Stephens, Thomas E. (Thomas Edwin), 1903-1988

United States. Dept. of Agriculture

Anderson, Don S.

Green, Theodore Francis, 1867-1966

Published: November 14, 2006,  University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections


Topics include price subsidies for milk and their relation to production and consumption; President Eisenhower and the Democratic Congress; controversy over grain elevators in Pakistan; views of the late Senator Robert Taft (OH) on farms; price for milk in the Boston market; Brucellosis program funding; failure to include northern New Jersey in a milk order; insertion of comments by Elmer Towne into the Congressional Record by Senator Aiken; effort to equalize milk prices nationally; money spent in Vermont and New England for milk promotion through the Vermont Dairy Council , the American Dairy Association of Vermont, Milk for Health, Inc., and the New England Dairy and Food Council; proposed amendments to milk marketing orders; New York milk price; Aiken's request that milk vending machines be placed in the Senate Office Building; hearings about proposed amendments to milk marketing orders; bulk milk tanks; request for President Eisenhower to visit the Vermont Dairy Festival in 1956; local ordinances and state laws on milk; New York-New Jersey milk regulation; Vermont hearing on "Rules and Regulations Relating to the Manufacture and Sale of Ice Cream and Other Frozen Dairy Products"; Aiken press release urging Republican women to drink milk; current rate of purchases of dairy products; handling of milk in the Brattleboro area.

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Aiken Papers, Crate 8, Carton 1, Folder 17

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Time period: 1955

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Dairy Products: Correspondence, 1955, Aiken Papers, Crate 8, Carton 1, Folder 17, Special Collections, University of Vermont Library, (accessed February 24, 2018)


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