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Alberta [s.n.] to [Katherine Fletcher], 1886 February 13

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Item Description

Title: Alberta [s.n.] to [Katherine Fletcher], 1886 February 13


  • [s.n.], Alberta


  • Fletcher, Katherine

Source Document

Extent: 5 pages


Topics include the addressee's return to health and supposed marriage and a reply to a literary query. This appears to be a joke letter to Katie Fletcher from her roomate of the previous term, Bertie.

Genre(s): letter

Note [Digital Version]

2009-04-02, Center for Digital Initiatives, University of Vermont Libraries

Type of Resource: text

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Preferred citation

Alberta [s.n.] to [Katherine Fletcher], 1886 February 13, Consuelo Northrop Bailey Papers, Carton 063, Folder 016, Item 005, (accessed January 19, 2018)

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