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Letter from ALBERT G. PEIRCE to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 29, 1866.

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Title: Letter from ALBERT G. PEIRCE to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 29, 1866.


  • Peirce, Albert G.


  • Marsh, George Perkins, 1801-1882

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Letter from ALBERT G. PEIRCE to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 29, 1866., Original located at the University of Vermont's Special Collections in the George Perkins Marsh Collection, filed by date., (accessed January 16, 2018)

Letter from ALBERT G. PEIRCE to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated June 29, 1866.

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Burlington June 29th 1866

Geo P. Marsh Esqr

Dr Sir

Your letter was duly recd and we were all glad to hear of your continued health. We are all about as usual, I think father and mother are better since my family left them alone as they have nothing to trouble them. My baby is quite healthy, just talks a little and is the tyrant of the house. His grand father lets him do just as he likes consequently he is the prime favorite

Father has sold his lot on the hill to Mr Geo Francis for $700. and with that he releases the mortgage from the old place. I think it will be the happiest day of his life when the papers are all fixed. My wifes father Mr Benjamin died last March in Bridport. Our Collector Clapp has been removed and Gen Stannard reigns in his stead. We are having the hottest of times over our Senators. We had a Union ca[u]cus here last evening to nominate delegates to the county convention next week. We are divided into Poland men and Morrill men, or otherwise into Morrill and im Morrill men. At the caucus -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- last evening over four hundred votes were cast and the Poland ticket received thirty one majority. I think the contest between M & P is virtually settled. Morrill will get three votes to Polands one. Every Copperhead Irishman Constitutional Union Man is a Poland man.

I did think Mr Edmunds sure of his seat but I begin to fear for him. Rumors from the knowing ones say that Gov Smith has entered the field and joined hands with Morrill

If so his influence with the CRR (which governs us) will be hard to beat. I wish you were here now for you could easily beat the field. Unless new issues arise my private opinion is that our next Senators will be Morrill and Smith and P Baxter our next M.C. You will see by the papers the doings of our state convention

Our national affairs are getting worse and worse I fear. Our new J. Tyler or the "Policy" man as he is called has pretty much gone over to the Democrats by them of course to be set aside when they have got through with him.

Isaac Nye remarked of him "that he did not think much of the tailor" and most loyal men agree with Issac. The great Union party still remain true and the battle of .68 will be fought and won by them on a broader and juster platform than ever befor[e]. "Equality for -------------------------------- Page -------------------------------- all before the law." The "Finnigan" war is over, no thanks to the "Kanucks" however for had not U.S. put his foot on the scheme I think the Irishmen would have captured Canada in six months. Such a terror as has existed there for the past six months is almost incredible and I assure you it has done us a world of good to us here for we remember the St Albans affair. The report of the Canadian minister says the war cost them $1.100.000., rather more then they got from their robbing trip to St A.

It was an advantage to all loyal men here whichever side got the best of it for the Irish were all Copperheads during the war and John Bull certainly wasnt our warmest friend

The last steamer brings news that war has actually begun on your side of the World.

The mass of the people dont know any of the causes but all express joy that Europe takes her turn and we look on awhile and see them kill one another for awhile.

We can return some of the excellent advice they gave us a year or two since. Please remember us all to Mrs M and believe me


A. G. Peirce

I think if you should drop into our next Legislature you would have matters your own way

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