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UVM Secondary Ed Students to Use CDI Collections in Burlington High School History Classes

Published: February 03, 2010 by Robin M. Katz

Today, Library Assistant Professor Robin M. Katz visited Dr. Barri Tinkler's course EDSC 225: Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools.

This UVM service-learning course will collaborate with the CDI to create "webquests" for Burlington High School history classes. A webquest is a web-based inquiry activity that allows students to pursue answers to essential questions through the investigation of digital resources.

Professor Katz gave a brief lecture "Primary Source Learning Through Digital Libraries" which covered the unique challenges for K-12 primary source research (whether in person or online) and an overview of digital library development. See the Powerpoint

She then introduced the students to the CDI's site and gave a demonstration on discovery methods for CDI research. Students completed an in-class exercise designed to measure their ability to find and evaluate CDI materials which could be included in a webquest. See the exercise

Look back this Spring for the final products. All webquests will be available on the CDI website for public use.

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