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CDI Librarian Publishes Article on Open Source Archival Software

Published: March 22, 2010 by Robin M. Katz

Today, the peer-reviewed journal Code4Lib publishes an article by Digital Initiatives Metadata Librarian Sibyl Schaefer. The article, entitled "Challenges in Sustainable Open Source: A Case Study," discusses Schaefer's work on The Archivist's Toolkit.

Article abstract:

The Archivists’ Toolkit is a successful open source software package for archivists, originally developed with grant funding. The author, who formerly worked on the project at a participating institution, examines some of the challenges in making an open source project self-sustaining past grant funding. A consulting group hired by the project recommended that — like many successful open source projects — they rely on a collaborative volunteer community of users and developers. However, the project has had limited success fostering such a community. The author offers specific recommendations for the project going forward to gain market share and develop a collaborative user and development community, with more open governance.