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Our New Student Workers

Published: February 22, 2010 by Sophia Lloyd

We're happy to welcome Jill Wharton and Sophia Lloyd to our team at the CDI office. Having them on board this spring will help us streamline the maintenance of the existing database and the addition of new collections. Two new sets of eyes on our projects are a welcome addition! Here's a bit about them:

Jill Wharton

Jill moved to Burlington last year from central West Virginia. She is finishing the English MA this spring, while conducting thesis research in Modern Irish Poetry. In her copious free-time, she travels to literary and historic sites across New England, and reads 19th century congressional history, which she then debates with her favorite feline companion, John Quincy Adams.

Sophia Lloyd

Sophia is a Greek-American Vermonter, a farmer, and a Religion major and Animal Science minor at UVM. A few of her general interests are sacred space, human and animal cognition, ecology and systems science. After graduating in May, she is looking forward to applying to a Religious Studies or Divinity graduate program, spending more time with her family (both human and non-human), and growing some sweet, blight-free vegetables.

If you're a student interested in working with the CDI (whether you're seeking research help, internship opportunities or would like to be a future student worker) please contact us.