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Item of the Month: January 2010

Published: January 31, 2010 by Robin M. Katz

Let It Snow! Record Snowstorms on the Historical Record

Photograph of Church Street by Louis McAllister, circa 1936

Burlington, VT receives an average snowfall of 19.3 inches in January. A record breaking continuous snowfall shortly after the 2010 new year helped deem this the snowiest January on record by the ninth of the month.

The official count at Burlington International Airport came to 48.4 inches, which beats the January 1978 record of 42.4 inches.

Whether this news inspires you to hit the slopes or hibernate indoors, our inaugural Item of the Month reminds us that, records aside, the Vermont Winter is here to stay.

This photograph by Louis McAllister circa 1936 shows the center of Burlington blanketed by a recent snowstorm.

Today, Church Street is known as one of the first pedestrian malls in the country. To see other materials related to this landmark thoroughfare, search the CDI for "Church Street."

Our Most Used Items of 2009

Published: January 04, 2010 by Robin M. Katz

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1. Horses Pulling a Snow Roller, Tennie Toussaint photographs